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Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn how to collaborate with Office I hope Nokia plans an update with T9 keyboard and to the future models.

Without T9 I wont be a customer anymore. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Looks like this post went quiet, very quickly! I think the post above you is making reference to the Nokia N9, while I appreciate what you say about touch screens with full qwerty boards needn't have T9 Alphanumeric keypads, but it's a standard that many of us have adopted and would be great if Nokia wrote one last program for the Nokia N9, that being T9 input for text,ect.

U should remember the past i like nokia start from becouse t9 keyboard. I hope nokia can update imediately t9 keyboard in windows8 lumia I cannot hit exactly the letters of qwerty keyboard. And also you cannot customize to change picture on your desktop display. April 14, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 3. Kosh Replied on August 5, What device s are you referring to? Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

How satisfied are you with this response? Markky Replied on October 2, In reply to Kosh's post on August 5, Regards Mark.T9 Keyboard for Android is a simple and fast T9 keyboard typing for Android devices. This T9 keyboard will allow you to write any text in T9 as well in English, as it is Transliteration keyboard. With T9 Keyboard you can write all T9 Alphabets, letters and words. T9 keyboard app is the easiest keyboard to write in T9 language.

English to T9 keyboard is for those who love T9 language. You can use this easy T9 typing keyboard to write in T9 text. No need to copy and paste T9 text. The best T9 keyboard for Android will allow you to write in an T9 language. It is an T9 to English translation tool, you don't need to type exact spelling of the word like most other apps and this T9 keyboard app is intelligent enough to understand what you are typing.

Now you can chat on social media, it's easy to use, you just write in Roman English and easy T9 keyboard app and T9 keyboard online will change it into T9 language. Just type in English and press spacebar your English word will be converted into T9 script automatically.

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A phonetic keyboard designed for the T9 users who love to type in their native language. Now chat on any social sites with English Keyboard. Enable it in settings with T9 keypad embedded. Start typing on English keyboard and the Roman English words will be converted into T9. Add T9 keyboard in your settings for that Press 'Settings" button and select easy T9 typing keyboard to enable this keyboard 2. Then you have to select T9 Keyboard for Android as input method and can select T9 keyboard or T9 keypad.

When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by clicking the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and can also disable that Transliteration keyboard. T9 keyboard app is best and easy T9 keyboard to fulfil all your needs for T9 typing. Download our T9 Keypad and do give us some feedback so that we can improve our T9 keyboard.

System : 4. Updated : All Versions. Read More. Butterfly Keyboard v. SwiftKey Keyboard v. Sparkle Pink Keyboard Theme v. Water Keyboard Theme v. Other applications in the Productivity category. Amerigo Free. Microsoft Outlook Free.


Samsung Notes Free. HP Smart Free. Google Calendar Free. Google Assistant - Get things done, Free.Aplikasi ini memiliki uji coba gratis. It is finally possible to write text messages like on your good-old Nokia mobile phone. You can now use the traditional T9 keyboard with predictive text right on your Windows Phone device. With the new word manager you can add and remove words until the built-in dictionary satisfies your needs.

The free trial is ad-supported and does not allow you to send messages. Terjemahkan ke bahasa Indonesia. Lompati ke konten utama. T9-Keyboard stain-sr. Pilih hadiah T9-Keyboard - Rp Lanjutkan Batal. Uji Coba Gratis. Daftar keinginan. Lihat Persyaratan Sistem. Tersedia pada Perangkat seluler. Deskripsi It is finally possible to write text messages like on your good-old Nokia mobile phone. Tampilkan Lebih Banyak.

t9 keyboard

Jepretan layar. Orang lain juga suka. OneNote Dinilai 5 dari 5 bintang. Flashlight Dinilai 4 dari 5 bintang. Ringtone Maker Dinilai 4 dari 5 bintang. Gismeteo Dinilai 3,5 dari 5 bintang.

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Weather View Dinilai 4 dari 5 bintang. MSN Cuaca Dinilai 4,5 dari 5 bintang. Fhotoroom Dinilai 4 dari 5 bintang. Compass Dinilai 4 dari 5 bintang. Informasi tambahan Diterbitkan oleh stain-sr. Diterbitkan oleh stain-sr. Dikembangkan oleh stain-sr.Who needs a T9 keyboard for their smartphones? T9 keypad is here to stay, it is useful for smartphone with small screens and the other advantage is speed, because of the large buttons and 9 simple grid, mistakes are not that frequent.

For those with tiny hands, the full keyboard on iOS and Android is a perfect match made in heaven. Improve your typing experience on Android with Smart Keyboard Pro, a lightweight yet powerful international keyboard.

You will feel at home immediately thanks to dozens of customization options: skin, layout, sound, prediction, smileys, calibration… everything can be personalized to fit your needs!

Among the top features of Smart Keyboard Pro, you will find:. The keypad layout as on the old mobile phones. Very suitable for people who have a problem with small keys. Your parents and grandparents now are finally able to write SMS. Upon researching, Old keyboard is the best T9 keyboard for android. Head over to Google market place and download this app, it is free.

However, it cost 3. You can customize the look of the keyboard with eight different themes and add additional functionality to your device. If you like entering words such as Stourbridge as multiple T9 words St our bridge just hit the T9 button twice each time you want to start a new selection. You need to go through the settings carefully eg turn on auto learning to get the total Nokia environment. If you could type at the speed of light on a Nokia, you can on Android with this.

Thank you so much for showing me this app, you have saved my sanity. Smart Keyboard Pro is a fast multitouch keyboard with multi-language support, skins, voice input, T9 and compact mode. It was really hard for me to move from Nokia to Android, I miss the T9 keypad but eventually i got over it.

Qwerty is great for those with Girly fingers rather than manly hands.

t9 keyboard online

I have had to keep deleting as I input this. Now as I type it without deleting and re correcting anythib. It is fully bloated nowadays unfortunatly, otherwise I agree. It is not fun to get popups each day which can not be turned off, even though they are turned off in the settings. That keyboard is now the most hated one. No luck yet…. Thank you all for your comments… This article has been an oasis. I am in the same position. I will try the two apps mentioned above, thank you very much.

I am severely visually impaired and a 3X4 really is necessary. I totally agree. Ergonomic failure.T9 stands for Text on 9 keys. During the smartphone revolution, T9 became obsolete, since newer phones had full touchscreen keyboards. T9 is still used on certain inexpensive phones without a touchscreen. However, modern Android phones have T9 dialing which can be used to dial contacts by spelling the name of the contact one is trying to call.

The technology is protected by multiple US patents.

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T9's objective is to make it easier to enter text messages. It allows words to be formed by a single keypress for each letter, which is an enormous improvement over the multi-tap approach used in conventional mobile phone text entry at the time, in which several letters are associated with each key, and selecting one letter often requires multiple keypresses. T9 combines the groups of letters on each phone key with a fast-access dictionary of words.

It will then look up in the dictionary all words corresponding to the sequence of keypresses and order them by frequency of use. As T9 "gains familiarity" with the words and phrases the user commonly uses, it speeds up the process by offering the most frequently used words first and then letting the user access other choices with one or more presses of a predefined "Next" key.

The dictionary is expandable. After introducing a new word, the next time the user tries to produce that word, T9 adds it to the predictive dictionary. The user database UDB can be expanded via multi-tap. The implementation of the user database is dependent on the version of T9 and how T9 is actually integrated on the device. Some phone manufacturers supply a permanent user database, while others do so for the duration of the session. Some T9 implementations feature smart punctuation.

This feature allows the user to insert sentence and word punctuation using the '1'-key. Depending on the context, smart punctuation inserts sentence punctuation period or 'full stop' or embedded punctuation period or hyphen or word punctuation apostrophe in can't, won't, isn't, and the possessive 's.

Depending on the language, T9 also supports word breaking after punctuation to support clitics such as l' and n' in French and 's in English. The UDB is an optional feature that allows words that were explicitly entered by the user to be stored for future reference. The number of words stored depend on the implementation and the language. In later versions of T9, the order of the words presented is adapted to the usage pattern.

For instance, in English, matches "good", "home", "gone", "hood", etc. Such combinations are known as textonyms ; e. T9 is encoded to prefer the word that its programmers determined to be the most common "textonym", such as "good" over "home" or "gone", "hand" over "game", or "bad" over "cad" or "ace". When the user tends to use "home" more often than "good", eventually the two words switch position, and "home" is presented as the default option instead.

Information about common word combinations can also be learned and stored for future predictions so, "I'm feeling" followed by will be offered as "good" instead of "home", whereas "I went back" and would be "home", not "good". For words entered by the user, word completion can be enabled. When the user enters matching keypresses, in addition to words and stems, the system also provides completions.

In later versions of T9, the user can select a primary and secondary language and access matches from both languages.This app has a free trial. It is finally possible to write text messages like on your good-old Nokia mobile phone. You can now use the traditional T9 keyboard with predictive text right on your Windows Phone device.

With the new word manager you can add and remove words until the built-in dictionary satisfies your needs. The free trial is ad-supported and does not allow you to send messages. This app sucks. I cant use it with regular messages U use the app separately then it copy and pastes it to ur other message then u send it from there.

It's miss-leading due to the fact that it doesn't mention that it can't be integrated with the system apps i.

t9 keyboard online

Do not download this application waste of money and its not useful at all. Micrisoft you should review this and remove. We feel like a victims here.

How to get T9 Multi Tap on iPhone - No jailbreak

This program will not allow you to send messages or receive any. It only copy and paste text to your native messenger app. Se sbaglio all'inizio devo cancellare tutto.

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t9 keyboard online

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